Best Quality Natural Supplements

Delicious natural food sourced sustainably in the rainforest

Our products are biological & sustainably sourced. They are wild-harvested and prepared with outmost care and according to tradition and ancient knowledge by our indigenous producers.

We take good care of our indigenous suppliers. Happy people make lovely products.

Part of our profit is used to preserve preserve the rainforest en its unique ecosystem. 

We love sharing our unique products with all the people around the world. 

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We are very proud of our products. In fact we believe that when you try them you will never want any thing else. Because of this we’ll give you a big discount on your first purchase. 

Customers Reviews

During my trip to Suriname i was introduced to their products and brand. This is so amazing! Everytime i buy a product i know i've helped somebody from a village in Suriname's rainforest. And they taste great too!
Anushka Faber

In March 15% Off On All Teas!

Our teas are wild-harvested and dried in the tropical sun. Our indigenous farmers prepared for you special tea blends to calm down or to energise.

I love their energising Siwiru Tea. I've been drinking it in the morning in stead of coffee for a while and it does the trick.I feel really good troughout the day without any need for caffeine.
Jack Franklin
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